Pose estimation utilizes computer vision, which trains machines to identify and classify objects, to detect the location of human figures in visual material. Facebook DensePose exceeds basic object recognition; it can detect human bodies in images and construct a 3D surface-based model of the body. Images were taken from e-commerce entries for swimwear and run through two tools: the first identifies the body and flattens it into a texture of segmented body parts, and the second reconstructs the model based on the body’s position. Treating the bodies as images, they are translated onto prefabricated swimwear patterns and output and sewn by a print-on-demand company. The material of swimwear is mutable, synthetic, and body conforming; the intertwining of swimwear and body shows the divisions and overlaps between synthetic and natural. A multi-day video presentation of the swimsuits streaming live through Twitch shows a model struggling, obeying, indulging, and refusing.